October 2007

About Government information

In the information age, the relevant information that industry and professional and their members need is invariably out there. This article outlines some of best ways of locating it and converting to a useful form for your members.

Sources of Government information

Government email services can not generally be relied on to keep you fully informed about policy developments in areas of interest to an association but they can be a good partial solution or starting point.

Information monitoring services

There is a number of government information monitoring services which provide more specialised and detailed monitoring of government information, on a subscription basis for clients. Although they work with Government and public domain information they generally provide a more specialised and better targeted monitoring service than is provided by the Government itself. They also provide various value-adding services which for a busy association dealing with information can be worth more in time saved and identification of relevant information than the price of the service.

Using newsletters effectively

The sources of information discussed above will provide associations and their staff with a detailed and in some cases relatively comprehensive selection of information which they need to be aware of. But they will generally not intelligently decide what information is the most relevant to a particular association or (often more importantly) what aspects or implications of a particular decision are most important to a particular association and its members.