Information monitoring services

There is a number of government information monitoring services which provide more specialised and detailed monitoring of government information, on a subscription basis for clients. Although they work with Government and public domain information they generally provide a more specialised and better targeted monitoring service than is provided by the Government itself. They also provide various value-adding services which for a busy association dealing with information can be worth more in time saved and identification of relevant information than the price of the service.

These services vary in the extent to which they capture all relevant government information.

The services operate in different forms providing email alerts about new information and documents, searchable databases and in some cases document retrieval services. Some – notably Access Communications – provide a highly skilled back-up service which will track down difficult to locate information, including information that is not available on the Internet. Specialised subscription-based government information monitoring services include:

These government information monitoring services are paralleled by various media monitoring services which operate in a similar fashion but collect and disseminate news and media reports rather than original government information. These include