Using newsletters effectively

The sources of information discussed above will provide associations and their staff with a detailed and in some cases relatively comprehensive selection of information which they need to be aware of. But they will generally not intelligently decide what information is the most relevant to a particular association or (often more importantly) what aspects or implications of a particular decision are most important to a particular association and its members.

Association staff are best positioned to tease out the implications of a particular decision for their members. However associations often find that while they have the information and knowledge within their association and among their staff, lack of resources and other more pressing demands on time and resources, prevent this valuable knowledge from being adequately communicated to their members.
Information that is communicated to members needs to be prioritised according to its likely relevance to them. Members are unlikely to have the time (or interest) to read all the government and regulatory information that association staff must master.

Narrowcast, outsourced specialist newsletter publishers (such as National Capital Newsletters) are able to work with association staff to develop and publish specialist newsletters to keep association members informed about recent government decisions that are of most relevance to them. Publishers such as National Capital Newsletters can combine the specialist knowledge and information of associations, with their own news media skills of news gathering, selecting for relevance, interpreting it for a specialist audience, writing it in a clear and unambiguous, non-technical manner and presenting it attractively to members on behalf (and in the name of) your association.

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