Australia to implement new sanctions against North Korea – August 2017

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australia will move quickly to implement the new, tougher sanctions on North Korea, approved by the United Nations Security Council.

Mr Turnbull said the Australian Government welcomed the unanimous adoption by the Security Council of the “new substantial measures” against North Korea.

“The UN Security Council decision demonstrates clear international unity and resolve on the need to respond to continuing illegal and provocative actions by North Korea, which pose a major threat to international peace and security,” the Prime Minister said.

“The new UN Security Council resolution implements a full ban on North Korea’s export of coal, iron, lead and seafood – which account for up to a third of North Korea’s exports – and bans new work permits for North Korean migrant workers.

“The resolution also freezes assets and introduces travel bans on others involved in activities assisting North Korea.

“Together, these measures will impose significant costs on Pyongyang’s continuing illegal behaviour, and further constrain its ability to fund its weapons programs.

“The Australian Government urges all UN Member States to take immediate steps to implement these measures.

“In support of international efforts on North Korea, Australia will also apply targeted financial sanctions and travel bans on several additional individuals and seven entities under Australia's autonomous sanctions regime.

“Australia will also continue to work with our ASEAN partners and the United States, Japan, the Republic of Korea and China to uphold global peace and stability.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced on Tuesday 15 August that Australia has designated 37 individuals and 31 entities, “whom we believe have been involved in some way in North Korea's nuclear tests and ballistic missile tests.

“We welcome the news overnight that China is fully implementing UN Security Council resolutions imposing the toughest and most comprehensive package of sanctions on North Korea to date, and China has stated that it will be completely prohibiting the import from North Korea of coal, oil, iron ore and seafood.

“Australia continues to urge all countries to uphold the authority of the UN Security Council, impose the sanctions universally and to ensure that whatever diplomatic or economic leverage they have with North Korea, that it be used to the fullest extent.”

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