Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party – September 2016

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New Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch says sex offenders could be banned from heading to Asia for child sex tours within three months.

Senator Hinch said he had talked to Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop about having passports of sexual offenders blocked “so they can't go off on these child rape sex tours in Asia”.

“That's a big win because it wouldn't have been raised otherwise,” he told Neil Mitchell on Melbourne radio 3AW.

Senator Hinch previously said he wanted to strip convicted sex offenders of their passports.

“100,000 convicted sex offenders on the register ... the private register, go to Indonesia every year,” he said last month.

“They're not going there for the sun, they're going there for the sons and the daughters.”

Senator Hinch was elected this year after vowing to push for a national public register of convicted sex offenders.

He also told a disgruntled 3AW caller he can't “do a damn thing” about fixing the economy.

Paul phoned in to say he voted for Senator Hinch, but had been disappointed with his start to life in Canberra.

“I expected more from you, than to be sitting around worrying about who's taking photos of what and taking 'selfies' of yourself in the Senate,” he said. “We've got a budget crisis.”

“One man can't do a damn thing about the economy,” said the Senator. “Labor and the Libs have got 56 people in the Senate – they could fix it tomorrow.”

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