Opinion Poll Overview – 3 October 2017

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The latest Poll Bludger BludgerTrack was published on Saturday 30 October. It showed Labor leading 53.5 to 46.5 per cent on the two-party preferred vote unchanged from the previous week and from 53.7 to 46.3 per cent two weeks earlier.

Poll Bludger’s William Bowe wrote BludgerTrack had recorded “A bit of a drop for One Nation, but otherwise another stable week for the BludgerTrack poll aggregate.

“Newspoll and Essential Research both recorded movement to Labor this week, but it hasn’t made any difference to BludgerTrack, on which the only movement worth noting is a half-point drop for One Nation.

“Labor nonetheless makes two gains on the seat projection, with one apiece in Western Australia and South Australia. Newspoll’s numbers have resulted in movement away from Malcolm Turnbull on both leadership trend measures.”

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