Program for parents to return to the workforce expanded – May 2017

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The federal Government says it will invest $263 million to provide training and support to assist thousands of Australian parents return to the workforce.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the ParentsNext program would be expanded to 20 new locations across the country.

“The centres will connect more parents of young children with tailored support to improve their work readiness by the time their children start school,” he said.

“Workforce participation is central to improving the long-term wellbeing of all Australians. Helping more parents of young children into work will support more families, reduce welfare dependency and decrease child poverty.”

ParentsNext currently operates in 10 locations across Australia. From 1 July 2018 it will be expanded and delivered in two streams:

  • The first stream will be targeted to the most disadvantaged parents in all 51 Employment Regions covered by jobactive providers;
  • and the more intensive stream will be delivered to a further 20 locations where there is a high proportion of parenting payment recipients who are Indigenous Australians.

“Since launching in 10 priority locations in April last year, ParentsNext has already helped more than 10,000 parents into training and education, community services such as counselling, or paid work,” Mr Turnbull said.

“The national expansion will see approximately 68,000 parents each year receive assistance under the program.

“The Coalition firmly believes that the best form of welfare is a job, which is why we continue to make substantial and targeted investments in all Australians, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and experience they need to get into work.”

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