Turnbull, Shorten reaffirm relationship with US after Trump victory – November 2016

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, on behalf of the Australian Government, has congratulated US President-elect Donald Trump on his ‘historic’ election victory and offered “best wishes” to Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Mr Turnbull said in a statement: “I understand that Australians have been confronted by the intensity of the political battle in the United States. President-elect Trump himself described it as being at times a nasty campaign, and it was certainly by our standards, a very bitter one.

“The American people do fight their political contests hard. But this great nation of the United States has the capacity to come together and it will, behind the leaders, behind the President that they have chosen.

“We have no stronger relationship; whether it is on the battlefield or in commerce, than we have with the United States. They are a great and powerful nation; they are a great and powerful friend.

“Americans understand that they have no stronger ally, no better friend, than Australia. And the enduring national interests of our two countries are such that our relationship will continue to be strong; we will continue to work together as we have done with many presidents in years past, to take on the challenges of our time.

“I have great confidence that all of our engagement will continue to be strong and intimate, filled with the trust and confidence that has characterised it for so many years.

“The Obama administration will continue until January 20th. And I want to acknowledge the great leadership President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and their whole administration has given during their term in office.

“President Obama has guided the United States and led the world through many challenges.

“This is a historic moment; it's been a long campaign, it's one that Australians have witnessed with awe, with consternation indeed, from time to time.

“Let me reassure all Australians that the ties that bind Australia and the United States are profound, they are strong, they are based on our enduring national interests.”

In a statement to parliament Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said, “the American people have spoken. They have made their choice. As common believers in democracy and as servants of the people ourselves, we respect their decision. On behalf of the Australian Labor Party, I congratulate President-elect Donald Trump on his victory.”

He also said in the statement, “The abiding friendship between our nations is strong enough for honesty; in fact, true friendship demands nothing less. It is never acceptable to mock people for their disability. It is never acceptable to ridicule prisoners of war for their service. When this parliament sees women being disrespected, we have an obligation to speak up. When this parliament sees people being discriminated against because of the colour of their skin or because of their religion, we have an obligation to speak up. The US alliance does not mean trading away our shared values; it means standing up for them.”

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