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Superannuation industry

Inside Publishers offers the superannuation and financial services industry a full range of written communications services. We will do the entire written communications job for you or any part of it; we will write, edit, layout, design, format, word process, coordinate or project manage all written communications projects.


We develop and publish regular member newsletters on behalf of superannuation funds. We ensure that newsletters are accessible and readable and include everything members want to know about changes to their own fund and changes to government policy or regulation that affect member benefits.

Member and employer communications

Inside Publishers works with superannuation funds and superannuation industry service providers to develop, write, publish and update integrated suites of publications for different membership groups including contributors, employer members and pension members of funds.

Annual and half-yearly reports

We work closely with our superannuation industry clients to develop, design and write attractive, readable reports that communicate to your to members the culture and values as well as the strengths and priorities of your organisation, . We also keep a close eye on changes to compliance and legal requirements that need to be communicated to your members.

Product Disclosure Statements

Inside Publishers works closely with its superannuation and financial services industry clients to develop, design and write attractive, readable PDSs that communicate your essential financial product information, the culture and values of your organisation and its strengths and priorities. We closely monitor changes to compliance and legal requirements that need to be communicated to your members.

Financial services guides

Inside Publishers understand the financial service environment including the roles of regulators. We specialise in superannuation and financial services communications. We monitor and report regularly on changes in the legal and compliance requirements for the financial services industry. We also understand the need for financial service providers to effectively communicate to their clients their key messages.

Let us help you communicate your message more effectively through clear writing and editing, concise and accurate explanations, better design and layout, more attractive publications and electronic documents.

Research and government submissions

Inside Publishers offers the superannuation and financial services industry specialist research and submission writing services, based on an extensive knowledge of the industry and of government and parliamentary inquiry requirements and the process of government consultations.

We can provide you with draft research reports on issues affecting the superannuation and financial services industry, and draft submissions for government or parliamentary inquiries. We can also provide input on issues that may form part of larger submissions or reports as well as writing and editing reports for you.

Report writing

Inside Publishers can develop reports for internal and external use by the superannuation and financial services industry, on issues affecting your fund, your members and your industry.

We offer you research, writing, editing, layout, design, typesetting, word processing, project management and print procurement services.

Writing, editing and design of publications

Inside Publishers staff are professional communicators with strong experience in superannuation, government and the media. We will help you identify your distinctive features and to effectively communicate those strengths.

We specialise in communicating in a clear and accurate manner to target audiences and in identifying how information may affect different specialist audiences.

Relevant. Tailored. Accurate

Need to communicate with internal or external stakeholders, meet reporting requirements, talk to staff or explain complicated concepts? Ask us to write, edit, review, index or publish your annual report, subscriber newsletters, industry briefs, submissions, website content, brochures and other written communications. Contact us